6 1/2" x 5 1/2"
16 pgs.


Took scoops in blahs, ratcheted down
rhizomes, skimped on cumin to zero and steeled.
Such or else the intensity out of work
and order rebellion with strapped signage
the artifice of dying with your pants on
in the park, the hammer blights
for arson, lit up and downed
marionette minions, all the cool you could chow.
Nibble gable picks and find yourself
shunting in July, pitch clung poppers
star humming a bored infinity, nil the real
so anybody to turn out
the lights on the blot of polis, the scat
blat of city, a country called my, innuendoes
for extinguishers and the sigh
of unsightly, not humane but human
the hump day our communal
plight, bombs bursting in riffles.